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No need to memorize sizes.

Design Tools has size measurements for all of the popular units, both physical and digital. So instead of racking your brain to remember the width of a B1 sheet, simply open up Design Tools and check it out.

Design Tools Paper Sizes
Design Tools Digital Sizes

Conversions on the fly.

Got a RGB colour but need the HEX? We’ve got you covered. Input your values and you can get a colour between RGB, HSL and Hex. There’s even a handy colour picker. And when you need to convert between units, Design Tools is right there for you, convert between px, pt, em and inch, with custom DPI adjustments.

Design Tools Colour Converter
Design Tools Unit Converter

The all important number.

The golden ratio, a.k.a 1.61803398875. A very useful tool for any designer. Grabbing the calculator every time isn’t exactly practical though. Design Tools features a built-in golden ratio conversion tool. Simply input your value and get back two higher and two lower golden ratio values. No hassle, just quick reference.

Design Tools Golden Ratio

Keep your favourites at hand.

Got a brand colour that you constantly need to convert? Or always having to check a A2 poster size? Or even converting between the same unit often? Design Tools features a favourites section, allowing you to save any value to a handy toolbox. Now checking that colour or size is only a tap away. All users get 4 favourites, with an unlimited number available via a one time in app purchase.

Design Tools Favourites

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